Step out Your Home in Grace!!

July 19, 2018

Step out Your Home in Grace!!

Marilyn Monroe said a damn right thing, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

Let’s be honest at this point. Girls can never have an excess of shoes. Just like the way we can never have an excess of dress, similar is the case with shoes. Pick the right shoe with the right mood. We have our favorites picked up exclusively for shoe lovers. Check out our picks!

P.S. You can easily get your hands on our favorite’s right at

  • Diamond platform heels

This piece of craft just stole our heart the moment we saw! Just look at those detailing in yellow and gray. The diamond embellished print makes it a two in one pair! You can easily carry it with formals as well as traditional attire. The faux pigskin micro bladed lining makes it super comfy to wear day long. Pick it up right now...

  • Mosaic casuals

Planning for a vacation with family? If you are thinking of carrying one casual to pair up with all your dresses, this funky pair of casual shoe is the perfect choice. The yellow and blue mosaic print makes it even more attractive. Now, before asking your lipstick shade, your best friend is surely going to ask from where you got these pairs of beauty. To answer their question, hit the link-

  • Low and high tops


Tradition never goes out of style. We loved our traditional picks of low and high toe shoes from The shoes are extremely comfortable and can be worn for the entire day, however bumpy your road might be. These low high tops can be carried off as required with the look required. It comes up with two sole options, black and white. You can pick your piece as per your requirement. We really liked out this lemon green pair of tops!! Get your pair by clicking the link below-

  • Flip flops

Imagine a beachy morning with waves splashing on your feet, sun shining bright up and a glass of wine in your hand. Oh my god! I feel like sitting in a beach, listening to the windy waves. We picked up these doodled slip-ons for the perfect beach vacation. Pick your pair among many other options-